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09:10pm 31/08/2011
  first week of 2nd year done!
Im so tired.
Im getting up tomorrow morning--prolly kinda early--to go to the gym and the bookstore.

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As I Make My Way, C'mon C'mon   
12:54am 22/08/2011
  So, today (or was it yesterday?) I realized that I have been in Florida for a year!
A whole bloody year!

School re-starts ina week and I am NOT prepared.
I've been really enjoying my summer time.
I dunno where half the summer even went--but it was good, so whatevers.

I finally watched Clerks today.
OH! and The Wings of the Dove, which was kinda depressing. but awesome.

that is all.

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You're Trying to Kill Me   
01:15am 13/08/2011
  I had a trip down memory lane.
and it was horrible!
My old LJ was far worse than this one, if ya can believe that!
(i have a hard time believing it)

How 'bout that for a re-entry post!
(It was lame, what what)

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Writer's Block: Talk the Talk?   
10:01pm 05/05/2010
With so many features available on mobile phones, talking is not always everyone’s first priority. What do you use your phone for the most? What features couldn’t you live without?

and texting.
Alarm clock.

Thats it.

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Writer's Block: Best book ever!   
05:52pm 07/03/2010
Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

all the Harry Potter books! Especially HBP and DH.

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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...   
05:08pm 21/01/2010
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Hasnt this question been asked before?

mine, of course, like my SN is based off some RBF lyrics. Naturally. This one is from Ban the Tube Top: "...you cant deny the loser inside...". I thought it went well with the SN. In fact, I had wanted it to match...but someon already had it! Lame-o. serio, lameo since we all know I am defo a bigger RBF fan that that person...huh? = D

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02:13pm 08/01/2010
mood: good
I feel like I have been neglecting good ole LJ. hahaha. Not that anyone really bothers anymore, im sure.

well, im going to go to kinkos today. I really hate kinkos...but it is one of thoes necessities, really. Im going to make a few copies of some RBF stuff so I can work on my RBF scrapbook. Yes, its true...I have a RBF scrapbook. Does that reely surprise you? (I would be a bit worried if it did).

In other "news"...I had my first Latin class last night. It is going to be very intense. VERY. But i do think I will get my $$$'s worth. There are only two of us in the class, you see.

annnnd...I think that I am ready to begin the second Season One FringeFest soon. hahaha!

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Writer's Block: Change is good   
10:44pm 04/11/2009
If you could change one major thing about your life, whether a relationship, your job, your living situation, your school, etc., what would it be? Are you currently working toward a serious life transition?

I think everyone already knows the answer to this question.

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Writer's Block: Investigations of a Female Nature   
08:24am 20/07/2009
Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?

Nancy Drew!

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08:16am 12/07/2009
  San Jose and HBP and leslie!  

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Writer's Block: It Sounds Better When You Say It   
12:41am 06/06/2009
No matter what language you speak, you've probably come across words or phrases in another language that sound better than their equivalents in your native tongue. What's your favorite word or phrase in a foreign language?

In bocca al lupo!

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07:40pm 14/04/2009
  the question for today made me wonder how long i have had a LJ...since march of 2001! bloody hell...8 years...crazy. oddly enough, somehow it doesnt seem like as long as it should...because thinking about high school does seem like a really long time ago. heh.

incidently, perfects fifths came out today. the final installment. I went to bookstar to pick it up. its kinda a tradition of sorts to get them from there and on the first day out (except the first because i didnt know about it then and the third but only because i was in mammoth when it came out). it was predictably comforting to follow through on the 'tradition'. whats more, is that bookstar did what they always do--not actually have the book on the shelf yet! when i went to check out...the woman in front of me was also buying the same book...

as for the book itself. well, of course i read it immediately! it was...hurried. something about the way it was written was...urgent? and sort of...unsettling? well, the 'conversation' part was...butt, i think it was supposed to be that way. it did go with the setting. it took place over the span of hours but did end off nicely. not set or permanant but...right. finally!

okay! time to go work on my honors paper more. i have to have a rough draft next week!

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Writer's Block: Looking Back   
07:38pm 14/04/2009
LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?

gah! i dont even wanna remember...
somthing high schooly, at any rate

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12:35am 30/03/2009
  i got an A+  

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Writer's Block: Take Your Chances   
10:55am 22/03/2009
Do you think people deserve second chances?


...no, not so much

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White, Orange and Green...   
09:27am 17/03/2009

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Writer's Block: More Island Time   
08:07pm 03/03/2009
You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?

The Chronicles of Narnia
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Secret Garden

i have to say, this is a tough Q...only 5 books...man...I tryed to pick ones i could really read over and over

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i sware   
10:18pm 28/02/2009
  it'll be a god damn bloody miracle if i make it through this bloody life without murdering someone  

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Writer's Block: AKA   
02:27pm 27/02/2009
What's the story behind your username?

I had wanted thedatelessloser (or some nice variation so to as to match my screen name but it was already taken! So, i decided to kinda keep in line with the loser theme, i guess. well, defo the RBF one:

"...you can't deny the loser inside..."
-reel big fish

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good parties:   
06:51pm 26/02/2009
  the opening was tonight.
it went well, i think.
im tired...ive been so bloody busy with that class i really havent hand much time for anything else.
i ate a lot of cake
and my feet hurt
im gonna go make a sandwhich, i think and watch some tv before reading pirandello.
oh, and i have an eye exam at school tomarrow morning.

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